Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Knitting for Charity

Tired of simply knitting scarves and hats, giving them to unappreciative friends, and yet you still have that craving to knit more WhatzIts?

Knitting for charity might be just the ticket for you. The Lion Brand Yarn Co. has a detailed listing of charities that would be most appreciative of your crocheted or knitted items. They can be found here.

Lion Brand Yarns also offers free patterns. And a gadzillion more free patterns are available here at KnittingforCharity.

Interweave Knits has a long list of charities just waiting for your beneficence. The listing, and more, can be found at Knit to Give.

Most requested items according to Nellie the Knittin’ Nut are:

Number seven: PET ITEMS!Believe it or not, pet items are among the most requested knitting charities. Animal shelters always need warm blankets to dull the cold chill of cement floors. Many other animal charities happily accept animal sweaters and booties. You can even hand-knit kitty toys and the like. Stuff them with catnip and make an animal's day!

Number six: SOCKS! It's no big surprise: people all around the world need warm, thick socks to keep them warm. Soldiers, orphans, and families worldwide find themselves in need of socks. Orphanages are probably the number one requester, striving to provide warm socks for all of their special little children -- especially in underprivileged (sic)and developing nations where cold becomes a problem, countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Mongolia.

Number five: MITTENS! Coming in next on our list of the most requested knitting items: mittens! You could almost take that blurb about socks and read it word for word in this category. Mittens provide warmth for little fingers just like socks provide warmth for little toes. Orphanages,homeless families, and many other people benefit from warm hand-knit mittens.

Number four: AFGHAN SQUARES There are an astounding number of charities that assemble afghans and blankets from your premade squares. This is the perfect idea for people without much time, or those who can't commit to a large project. You can whip up a few squares and send them off to become gifts of warmth!

Number three: AFGHANS and BLANKETS! If you have a bit more time on your hand, you might want to assemble an entire blanket or afghan. These most requested knitting items spread warmth and comfort all around the world.

Number two: PREEMIE AND BABY ITEMS! There are so many tiny children in need. You can help them by making blankets, burial clothing, jumpers, gowns, and any other number of items mothers might desperately need. There are so many charities out there targeting preemies and infants that your donation is sure to find a welcome home!

Number one: HATS! Hats come in as our most requested knitting item. There are two reasons charities need hats: for warmth and comfort. Most commonly, this means either knitting a hat for a homeless or very poor family, or creating a chemo hat to warm and comfort cancer patients.

And there you have it! Whatever you love to knit, you're sure to find a category among the most requested knitting items that's right for you.

Please leave a comment and I will send you a link to a darling pair of preemie booties you can whip up quickly. I received the free pattern from a woman in Denmark (I think!) which I can pass along to you.

These booties will be my first project to knit with a group of women who get together and knit for charity twice a month in Grand Junction.

It would be fun to share fiber talents, so think about signing up to knit or crochet for a worthy cause.


  1. The booties are precious and I would love to have the pattern please. Can you also tell me about the breast dolls you knitted. I know some survivors that might like those.

  2. The "Natural Knitter" has the doll pattern. It is by Barbara Aldridge.

    Booty pattern is here:

    Good luck and good knitting!


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