Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another Poppy Finished today

36" x 24"' acrylics.  copyright McCarroll
Joining Paint Party Friday

Friday, February 21, 2014

Gift Enclosure Cards and Fiber

Everyone has favorite images saved on their computer, just because.  So take a few of your favorite pictures, sandwich them between plastic laminates or clear plastic sheets from recycled products and make some interesting gift tags or book markers with the help of your sewing machine and left over bits and bobs of ribbon, buttons or bows.  (Clear plastic sheets can be purchased at any craft store.)
Images are held between clear plastic pages, then stitched to separate pictures. Cut beside the stitching lines to create open topped envelopes.

Now an enclosure card, your business card, or just a quick "thank you" note can be slipped into the opening of the card you made.

Here are a dozen made within an hour.  (Be sure to discard your needle after sewing because the plastic will dull the point of the needle when sewing through the plastic.)

Joining in Finished Objects Friday and Fiber Arts Friday, here is a finished Looped Loop cowl made from Shetland hand dyed and hand spun wool.  It was completed right before going to Phoenix for the Scrabble tournament, but it was too warm there to wear it.  Never fear, more snow will blow in Colorado this March, so it will get lots of use.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

30th Anniversary: Phoenix Scrabble

Barbara Van Alen started a local Scrabble Club in Phoenix, AZ, then progressed to become a director and then went on on to host her first tournament for Scrabble players.  That was 30 years ago in Phoenix, AZ. Last weekend marked her 30th hosted Phoenix tournament, along with her co-director and husband Larry Rand.  93 participants attended the tournament and represented five levels of player accomplishment.

Barbara and Larry with a cake for celebration

It was a great tournament, Phoenix hit record highs for temperatures in the mid 80's, the venue was excellent (Chaparral Resort in Scottsdale) and here are new words to add to my memorization list that were played on me, some of which I challenged:
  • pilei
  • bubu
  • seinite
  • moots
  • liger
  • serine
  • diene
  • uredial

Site for all pictures of the tournament: vanrand1 at smugmug dot com

I won a prize simply because my player number was "30".  Again, my score results over 28 games were about dead center in my group, which was division "C" of divisions "A" through "E";  dead center of dead center.  Talk about middle of the road and average.

I am only an average man but, by George, I work harder at it than the average man.

A good time was had by all.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sheep Drinking Coffee

To add to my painted sheep on the wall in the craft room ouevre, hot off the acrylics is this "Sheep on the Wall Drinking Coffee," added to the "Sheep on the Wall Knitting".  Who says I don't have friends to meet for coffee and a couple who even knit with me?  (Friends, I hope you are smiling.)

This gal fits right in.

When we move from Grand Junction and this house, someone will have to use a lot of primer to cover up these wall ornaments.  In the meantime, the Roku is set up and the TV is situated under the "girls" so we all can enjoy our holistic entertainment experience. Even the digital frame is set up with a few hundred pictures just whirring away in case further diversion is needed.  Reminder to self: put the computer on sleep mode while watching tv and waiting for moves on "Words With Friends".

In an hour I'll be heading to Phoenix for the 30th Anniversary Phoenix Scrabble Tournament in Scottsdale. Such fun.  The weather is forecast to be in the 80's all week, very unlike the eastern parts of the US.

Joining in Inspiration Avenue in their weekly challenge: Show and Tell Art Challenge.  Check them out!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Photos Scanned, Clean Up Happened

Although I have not been blogging, I have been reading each of your posts, my friends.  First, let me say that I have tried to comment on most of your blogs, and secondly, since two weeks ago, daughter Julie came through her medical problems just fine.  No more headaches, no surgery.

That new scanner I ordered is the bee's knees.  Or is it bees' knees?  Anyway, it works very well, creating light where there was none, enhancing colors, cropping off non-essentials, etc.  It is just a run of the mill brand and was inexpensive, but it is the technology that has changed over the years. The old scanner just was not cutting it.  Results of all that scanning of old photos resulted in several trash cans full of old albums and photos.  And several boxes of heavier papers and albums were taken away by the local disposer.  We get an old age discount because the waste disposal guys figure that seniors don't have much trash.  Suppose we more than got out money's worth from this trash removal service over the last couple of weeks.

All in all, those pictures from the 1970's until digital times have all been scanned.  And the result? The best ones are now residing on one thumb drive. Amazing. It was an emotional time, truthfully.  Looking at my daughters when they were babes in arms, thinking of those years, most of which were troubled and unhappy, working hard, having little free time.  I had so much rather be living my life now rather than then. A couple of digital photo flashing frames were loaded with hundreds of vacation and family photos. The good times can be remembered at will. Happy, happy.

One large four drawer file cabinet is now in the garage ready for the "Fresh as a Daisy" pickup that the city provides in April for items too large for regular pick up.  And now my little study is boasting a new two drawer mahogany and much smaller file for papers.  Lots of the old files were also trashed.  Who knew one could accumulate so much unimportant stuff over a few years time?

Clean up pictures:
 (organized, items tossed)


And the amaryllis bulbs Natalie gave me are growing, finally,  in the guest bath:

The husband ordered new retirement business cards.  He has not yet handed one out, and I'm wondering if people will need an explanation of his thought process in creating these.  Probably he will not even get reactions.  Who knows.  And what price would one pay to a holistic detective agent?

Yes, knitters, I have now completed two thirds of my Looped Loop cowl and am on the home stretch of the Delancey Cardigan in grey and mustard orange.  The Looped Loop has to be knit under strong light. Usually I am watching some Inspector Lynley mystery shows on Netflix, so there have been a few dropped stitches. Next up to watch is "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas", Jan.   And yesterday I was involved enough to have to rip out some grey on the cardigan because it was time for a stripe.  Onward.