Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Note from Denver International Airport

Julie is in stable condition.

This marks the last leg of the United Airline return jaunt from North Carolina.

I'm sitting at United's Gate B92 using the DIA "free" wi-fi for connectivity. Other than a tight keyboard, the Little Asus Eee PC works fine for travel. It is short on memory, so toggling between windows makes it difficult to make links. That is a problem easily solved by adding a few extra dollars to the memory for an upgrade.

And I was disappointed that the hospital which I visited had a strong firewall which made emailing a hassle.Otherwise, the Eee PC worked fine.

A few random thoughts while on the plane from Chicago to Denver:

My cell phone was virtually unusable this trip because I brought the wrong phone battery charger, so this trip was similar to traveling 20 years ago without cellular service. My bad for not getting the correct charger. I heard yesterday that Cindy McCain has three blackberries to keep up with her seven children. I could not manage even keeping one cell phone energized.

Sarah Palin puts down her IPhone and picks up the breast pump at any given hour in her life; I barely wended my way back and forth from the motel to the hospital without making lots of wrong turns and missteps on exits. Speaking of Sarah Palin. I. Love. Her. Can you image relating to H.R. Clinton on that level? Uh uh.

Much more later; my flight is boarding.

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