Monday, September 28, 2009

Why I Oppose the Current Health Care Reform Bill

Generally, this blog has been a stage for writing about things that are important to me. Obvious topics have been arts, crafts, eclectic writings and things I would like to keep categorized and saved on the web for ready accessibility.

Because I spent over twenty years in the business of health care administration and was the first Executive Director for a managed care plan in Denver in 1982, I believe it is time to put down a few personal thoughts on what our government may be doing to change the way in which health care will be delivered in the future to its citizens. I have the credibility of also having obtained a Master's Degree from the University of Colorado in Health Administration.  I have also owned and operated a private business for physical therapists statewide in the administration of services to clients. (With all those "I" pronouns, it sounds like our current President expounding, doesn't it?)

In researching a bit on health care reform under the Democratic plan, I came across a few interesting tidbits of political talk regarding health coverage for the disabled, quoted at this site from an August address by President Obama in Montana:
If you currently qualify for Medicaid — your son currently qualifies for Medicaid, he would continue to qualify for Medicaid. So it would not have an impact on his benefit levels and his ability to get the care that he needs.
My response to this comment, with the encounter glowingly reported by Easter Seals, was something like "what is said and what is accomplished are two different things; wait for it in writing."

Credit goes to The National Ledger and US Senator Kyl (AZ) who said it well today:
National Ledger - How Much Will Government Health Care Cost? Meet Dr. Government

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