Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fires; Trashcan Cooking over wood

Colorado has had terrible fires this week, both near Colorado Springs and closer to our home, about 60 miles away, the Black Forest fire.  Almost 38,000 people in 13,000 homes have been affected by the Black Forest fire, Fox News reported.

The UK Daily Mail showed this picture and also reported that this is the worst fire in the history of Colorado with close to 500 properties already destroyed.  Three houses were miraculously left standing.

Please pray for all affected.

Being careful of fire and using appropriate measures, the husband cooked out down in our lower area and smoked a chicken for our dinner last night.  He smoked it in his home-made trashcan cooker.

The bottom of the trash can was placed inside an existing fire pit and the old fire pit  grill and cover were repurposed for cooking over coals.

The chicken was seasoned and smoked 1.5 hours, and was turned every quarter hour.  It turned out to be a masterpiece, even without sauce.  Delicious!

Happy Fathers' Day to all.  Prayers for all affected by the fires in Colorado.


  1. I know! The fires are terrible. Praying.
    Your hubby is a good cook! That chicken looks delicious!

  2. Forest fires are so frightening - they just spread so quickly and are so inexorable. Prayers, of course, for all who have been affected. Your husband's trash can cooking looks absolutely fabulous! I bet it tasted wonderful! E x

  3. The fires sound terrible--I'll pray. But the chicken looked wonderful! Hope it was enjoyed by all!


  4. Hi Nancy, we have seen footage of those fires...hope you're staying safe. I feel so bad for those residents. It only takes moments for one of those fires to swoosh down on a city.

    What a cool trashcan cooker, and your chicken looks simply delectable. Have a safe and good week!♥

  5. Joining with you in praying for all of those affected by these fires! SO sad! Stay safe my friend, HUGS!

  6. Fire is so horrible, especially those that naturally occur. My thoughts to those affected.
    What a cool repurpose! Your husband is handy! That chicken looks so darn good.


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