Monday, February 16, 2015

Ending the Day in Arizona

This evening I am writing from Tempe, in a rather chilly hotel room.  I can't seem to get the temperature just right, as it seems either too hot or too cold.   The regulator is set to 74 degrees but it seems confused.  So the fan is blowing away.  It will make a nice white noise for sleeping.

The Scrabble tournament is finished and sweet friend Linda came in first place in our division.  I fared rather poorly while having a strenuous time of it.  I'll show you a picture of one of my games after its completion.  The fun part of it was my opponent, Erik, made a most excellent find when he put down the word " birdcage" and then my next move after that was "bird" because it looked symbiotic.  Not many points, however. 

Erik won the game.

After the tourney ended this afternoon, Linda and I took a metro bus northwards and saw the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.  It was beautiful weather for viewing cactus.

Chihuly glass purchased for their gardens on permanent display.

We had a nice lunch at Gertrude's.  Home tomorrow.


  1. Sorry about your tournament. I know you did your best. I like how you find time to explore your surroundings on your Scrabble trips.

  2. Oh I know you had a great time! What a wonderful game to play, LOVE Scrabble! I know you enjoyed your time at the gardens! Looks beautiful! Have a blessed day and a safe trip home! HUGS!

  3. I've not heard of a lot of those words on your board. What's a 'fovea' and an 'eth'? My boss has just come back from Mexico where she said they had a drink made from cactus which she liked. She also calls her favourite chicken 'Henny-Penny' which for some reason makes me cringe! I love that Chihuly Grass! Thanks for popping over to mine, Nancy and leaving another sweet comment. x


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