Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Measure Twice

After watching a YouTube tutorial by Irmgard Rawn, I decided to paint a rose in watercolors in an impressionistic manner.  Or two or three, or maybe even a whole bunch.  They turned out pretty well, so I recycled a matt, glass and frame to use as a wall hanging.

But I cut the danged watercolor paper too short to correctly fit inside the matting.

So now I will cut up all the roses on the paper and use them for note cards.  And I will start over on another painting, this time ensuring the size will correctly fit into the matt before cutting the completed watercolor.

This was 140# paper, soaked for 15 minutes prior to stretching.  The predominant color is "Opera," which gives a punch to the usual pinks.  Although Irmgard produced a magnificent piece, and mine won't compare, that is really not what painting is about.  Let's put it another way: painting is all about what makes one happy.  The roses made me happy.  And I get to try again and make even more impressionistic roses, and perhaps they will actually get framed.  We shall see.

My friend PomPom whose blog can be accessed here, talked about slicing up lemons, layering them with sugar and refrigerating them until the juices seep out sweetness.  A friend of hers from the Ukraine taught her that trick; I did just that a few minutes ago and cannot wait until this afternoon to try some in iced tea.

Happy spring, all!  Time to go play pinochle and have coffee with friends.


  1. That rose is absolutely gorgeous! You are so clever! I'd get a smaller mat and frame it anyway! Looks much too beautiful to cut up to me. You make me want to get painting! Enjoy your iced tea with that delicious-sounding sugared lemon juice. E xx

  2. I like playing pinochle and I haven't played for a loooing time! Yay for the lemons stacked and juicing in our refrigerators! Happy tea time for us!

  3. You'll have to enlighten me as to what pinochle is, Nancy! Will try the lemon thingy tomorrow. I love your rosy painting. The colours really zing! x

  4. Your rose looks very professional. It looks amazing.

  5. Oh Nancy, I am sure you will make it all beautiful! The lemony treat sounds really yummy! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

  6. pretty rose painting - it's so frustrating when something that turned out well goes wrong right at the end when it should be the 'ta da moment'! I have a silk painting I have been meaning to frame for ages and don't feel able to justify the expense of having done professionally but when I count the times I have mounted paintings badly myself I think it's probably worth investing! I hope you can make another that fits your mat perfectly. Betty

  7. Oh my, that rose painting is just wonderful! I will for sure try the lemon thing-I'll probably just eat them!!!


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