Monday, June 15, 2015

Clematis and More

Beauty observed from neighbor Woods' fence...

and a Woods' iris to boot.

Also, courtesy of Mr. Woods, a cedar nursery box he made for me in April; trusting the coleus will flourish through September on our back patio.  Some critter was munching on foliage this morning; everybody has to eat, just not at this smorgasbord.

A little crowd of google eyes was in Jack and Julie's knick knack box in York.  She thinks maybe Jack made it in years past.  It is now keeping company with the coleus.

 And day lilies about to bloom

Over the weekend, I pulled out tons of mint that overgrew grassy areas, and the bindweed was having a field day, too.  Out that went, which only makes it grow more profusely.  And I trimmed down the rose bushes, too.  At least I can expend energy in eradicating weeds, even though tackling the thorny issues of life is a bit more daunting. 

On the Julie front, she is moving to Mesa Manor this week from Colorado Canyons Hospital.   Mesa Manor is a Genesis owned 84 bed licensed facility.  This is a picture of its entrance and information can be accessed here

 It is probably the best place for her now.  She soldiers on.


  1. Beautiful flowers! Thanks for the gorgeous pictures. It looks like Julie will be in a lovely place.

  2. Those clematis flowers are fabulous and I love the cedar wood box for the coleus plants. How nice that the friendly google eyes have found a home there. Hope Julie's move goes smoothly and that she gains strength of body, mind and spirit in the coming days and weeks. Thinkning of her and of you... E x

  3. I'm glad Julie is in a good-looking facility like that as she goes through this next stage. The colorful post of blooms was great to see and experience.

  4. Heartening to see so much colour. You'd best get that bindweed right down to the roots and haul them out too. Hoping your troubles get fewer as time goes on. x

  5. I'm glad she soldiers on. Strong.
    I am quite frustrated with bindweed, too. Boo!
    Your garden is always inspiring, Nancy.

  6. Beautiful plants and great plans for Julie! Looks like a lovely place for her! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way this morning dear Nancy!

  7. Flowers--pretty pretty Nancy... love the background so perky..(:)


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