Wednesday, July 15, 2015

If Your World Rocks on its Foundations

Suppose your whole world seems to rock on its foundations; let it rock, and when the rocking is over, the picture will have reassembled itself into something much nearer to your heart's desire.
           ----From The Seven Day Mental Diet by Emmet Fox

From Why, O Lord?.....
I have known that if I want to be happy on earth I must fall madly in love with God and the things of God.
Then, all things being equal, in time of suffering the easiest way to allay the suffering, especially if it is really sharp, is to get out of myself - yes, get out of myself; visit someone who is suffering worse than I am, do something to remind me of the sufferings of the world, set my heart in order if I feel a residual dislike of someone, write a cheque for the world's poorest mission, answer a tiresome letter from someone who wants me to tell him whether hell exists, or what he should not do to leave his nasty possessive wife. 
In other words, perform an act of love that requires patience and honesty.                .... Carlos Caretto


  1. Patience and honesty, we all need to be better at both! Have a blessed day dear Nancy, HUGS!

  2. Things seem kind of upside down in our culture right now and I feel down a little. Great advice for me today.

  3. You are the recipient of His grace and mercy, Nancy.


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