Saturday, October 17, 2015

Brush & Palette October Demonstration

With the 2015 Brush and Palette Fine Arts Show paintings creating a Hollywood backdrop (89 entries) on the Grand Junction Art Center walls, Ann Kurz Chambers took center stage with her demonstration on October 15, 2015.

A multi-faceted artist with a published book of wildflowers, cranberry products, and more, Chambers showed how to create landscapes with oils on pieces of wood previously gessoed with a white background. 

Her creations are unique, and she paints quickly, proficiently. She emphasized that all art supplies and items are conserved, no matter the age of oils in tubes. She returns to her paintings that have been long neglected, perhaps laying against a corner of her studio, and fine tunes them in multi media ways using gesso and layers of paper or found objects. 

Chambers often uses hardwood by-products supplied by her son. Most of the wood provided by her son is special Engelmann spruce wood that he uses in his violin making.

Recap of Chambers’ demonstration:


oil paints, turpentine, turpentine in spray bottle to retain moisture on surface, Liquin, panels of wood, fiberboard, canvas, canvas board, masonite, gesso, brushes, rags, protective gloves


  • Apply several layers of gesso to chosen surface object
  • Apply the layers several times, laying on more gesso in the opposite direction of the prior layer
  • Sand lightly after each gesso layer has dried
  • When background is to your liking, apply oils (saturated with Liquin for ease of application and to aid in drying)

Several Finished Chambers’ Objects:


  1. How inspirational! I always like reading about the work of multi-media artists - they somehow remind you that rules in art are often made to be broken which can be quite liberating. E x

  2. Interesting. It's great that she shares her methods with fans.

  3. Awesome artist! Enjoy your week dear Nancy, HUGS!

  4. Amazing! All that fun stuff to play around with and such stunning results, I'm sure!


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