Monday, November 7, 2016

Our Animal Friends' Visits

It was a dog weekend to roll over for.  Friend Kathy in MN and her daughter adopted Olivia last night.  Olivia is a loving catahoula mix, who came all the way from her foster family in North Carolina to live in her new forever home in St Paul.
On Saturday, two friends came over at separate times with their animals.  Maggie is a Moxie Doxie, very smart and street savvy in a grand dame manner of sophistication and good breeding. She and her owner of 14 years have a wonderful, symbiotic relationship.

Then Cookie visited our sister dogs with Abbye, a Shit Tzu.  Here are some of her glamour shots.

You better believe that Cookie and Abbye are one hot number; they travel everywhere together.

And here is a photo of some of Sister Maggie and Sister Libby together, prior to Maggie marking her spot just below Libby. Libby was NOT the alpha dog that day!  In "air quotes" imagine that Maggie is telling Libby that she is the one who is in charge, in no uncertain terms.  (Beth was mortified.)  It was actually quite funny. Sister Maggie gave no apologies for her "appropriate" doggish behavior.

St. Francis is credited with being saint of animals, merchants and ecology.  He is beloved. More information about him here.

When he considered the primordial source of all things, [St. Francis] was filled with even more abundant piety, calling all creatures, no matter how small, by the name of brother and sister, because he knew they had the same source as himself. —Saint Bonaventure (1221-1274) [1]

And now I know why I refer to our dogs as sister dogs. Because St. Francis always knew their of their relationships under God's creation.


  1. I like the reference to St Francis, growing up in a non christian home, I learned about St Francis in school scripture class and it made quite an impression. Olivia is a pretty girl, I'm glad for her to have a kind home after a sad background. Betty

  2. animals/pets are such a blessing to us!!! lovely pictures!

  3. Pets are amazing, such pure hearts and unconditional love.

  4. I cannot imagine my life without my dog :) he is such a delight to have in our family and he makes us smile!! loved seeing all the dogs!

  5. What a sweet post! Hope you are having a blessed morning! HUGS!

  6. This is such a lovely post, and your header is gorgeous. I have a cat, and have had cats all my life (I am 60). I love all animals. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  7. Your house was overflowing with man's best friends! That's a lot of good feeling happening there. It wasn't too long ago that I first heard of catahoulas - my son-in-law thinks they are the only dog for him.


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