Thursday, January 31, 2019

Artist Trading Cards 2019

Putting together some of my 2.5" x 3.5" watercolor cards, they are shown here as a simpler way for judging entrance into a terrific site that is juried prior to entrance into their organization.  Most of the images below which I have used for greeting cards are actually somewhat smaller than the official size.  Having already applied for membership into the Illustrated Mail Art here, now is waiting time to see if I have been accepted.  All images are watercolor, but I plan on using acrylics for future trading cards.


And I do want to branch out and use some three dimensional aspects on future cards, as well as mixed media. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Smug Mugs

Our coffee group made mugs.  And we are proud of them.  You might even consider us smug because those mugs are so clever.  But, in confession, I admit it was a borrowed idea from Popsugar.  She thoroughly explained the process - and here is one of our cups signed with colored Sharpies.

After signatures and baking for 45 minutes, the mugs cooled their handles and posed for a group shot.

This is our some of the Tuesday gathering saying "Here's to Ya."

Now that you have had a look at these personalized mugs, why not try it for older kids next month for one of their Vacation Bible School activities?  Maybe use an apt Scripture instead of signatures, or even in addition to signatures on mugs (each kid brings one from the dollar store or the teacher could graciously round up those mugs).

Have you jumped on the bandwagon led by Jordan Peterson and his book 12 Rules for Life?  This web link goes to more information than you can assimilate in a day, but dip your toe in and find a few profound life rules. Use one of those quotes on a mug, and I wager than any child who keeps his mug intact will, for many a day, ponder the saying that he or she has penned on that souvenir mug.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

More Small Paintings

This week I tried various renditions of painting sunflowers. Below is a picture that took a bit more time since there were three times that the picture was set aside to dry between color applications. This is a 5" x 7" size, larger than those used for note cards.

(pen and watercolor)

Above is a vase of sunflowers that is about 3" high, pasted to the front of a note card.

Sunflowers are fun to paint.  Their leaves are irregular in size and shape, allowing for yellows and oranges and golds to mingle.  (Remember the back yard fence painted in sunflowers from 
2014, before we sold the homestead?)

Here is another 5" x 7" watercolor on 140 lb. cold press paper.  Again, this one took a bit more time to paint than the quick, smaller pieces.

A few more paintings worked on during early hours of the dark, cool mornings when the fireplace is going and the day is being planned:

The picture below will end today's post.  It is 11" x 14", matted under a dark green, ready to go to the framer's for glass housed under a wooden frame.