Monday, April 19, 2010

Mint used in Main Dish

Thai  Beef-Mint Salad (we like it as an entree):

The recipe shown above is an easy one that we make frequently in the spring and summer when mint is plentiful.  This recipe is from a book K's Kwisine, authored by Harry Kaiserian, a Maine columnist.  It can be purchased here.

Harry says in the foreword of the book:
These recipes are all favorites of somebody, somewhere. The best of the best, so to speak. They represent many, many years of cooking and dining experience and were submitted by a lot of wonderful people for the K's Kwisine column that continues to run since its start in 1987.
Daughter Heidy and I were fortunate to spend a week with Harry Kaiserian and his wife at the Italian Cooking School Scula di Cucina "La Bottega del 30" north of Sienna, Italy learning how to make some traditional Italian dishes. 

Harry was just getting this book printed when we met, so of course I had to purchase the compilations of his favorite recipes.   Every recipe in his book K's Kwisine is a keeper. Give the Thai Beef-Mint a try, and like Harry says: "be bold" and enjoy!

You might also be interested in the recipes we learned to prepare in the villa a Sesta at their cooking school.  The book of Italian recipes is available at the Scula di Cucina website located here.

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  1. Love it! I brought a mint plant up from Texas my parents had and it has been very prolific in Maine. This strain seems heartier and has larger leaves than what I can find in the stores. I only wish Thai basil (cinnamon basil) could survive the winters! Happy cooking! -Sook


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