Thursday, April 8, 2010

Portrait Painting Tips on the Web

Painting in watercolor to achieve a portrait?  A web search turned up this site by Margaret Crowley-Kiggins, FWS.  She gives step-by-step advice including the selection of equipment and palette colors, to preparation of the canvas, all the way through completion of facial features and background.

At another site located here, the same artist goes through similar steps on another portrait.  The steps are basically the same, with minor modifications.  This is a guide which will prove worthwhile to save in the computer Art-Favorites toolbar.

Several years ago, I attempted painting a copy of Madonna from the original by Murillo (see below):

Here is my poor rendition of Madonna in oil, completed in 2007:

(The Madonna looks about 40 in my picture, and her chin needs some touch up, obviously.)  It's a start.

Friend Shirley is an accomplished artist, and is currently painting a portrait of a beautiful young woman (it is in its first stages):

Here are two portraits she previously painted:

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