Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby Blanket for Nephew Jackson

A new baby blanket for a new nephew!  Niece Erin is over the moon about becoming somebody's mom next month.

This is the front cover of the pamphlet where I found the pattern for this cozy item made for Baby Jackson:

Sandnes Lanett 9910 Baby 0-4 Pamphlet
(a paperback booklet from Norway)

Knit in mostly a multicolord heathered yarn, the details on the hearts did not pop out.  Instead, after knitting one lace repeat of the hearts at one end of the blanket, a light blue acrylic yarn was added to the interior of the piece, and another 80 rounds or so of the heather.  The major modifications to the original pattern were:
  • 12 repeats of the ten stitch lace chart were used, with 120 stitches per row
  • the blanket was made much larger by knitting more rows
  • two of the chart patterns were substituted for a simpler design
  • a contrasting lighter yarn was used for the inner part of the blanket
  • acrylic yarns were used instead of the wools specified 
  • an attached Icord bound off the two shorter edges
  • a single crochet was added to bind off the longer edges
                                                   the chart:

some definition:

This is the completed blanket with specs that can be found here on Ravelry:

                                                         finished size: 35" x 41"

Hopefully, Jackson will drag around this easy-care blankie for several years to come.


  1. Precious. Great job on this gift for your new angel! Wish I knew how to make such beauty. Have a blessed day. Hugs

  2. That`s the sweetest little sweater and blankie.

  3. That must have taken HOURS!

    Just visiting a Sorority sister ;-)


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