Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Favorite Spot

Nephew Jeremy McCarroll, avid camper, hiker, fisherman, father, worker, writer, and all around good person, has a favorite place.  That place is a good place to be and is detailed here on his blog.  If you don't go to the link and browse around, I'll make it easy on you:

The Spot and its rules:
1. The Spot is The Spot. It has always been The Spot, even before it was The Spot.

2. There is no way to The Spot. The Spot is the way.

3. You cannot find The Spot, but if you look for it in earnest, it will find you.

4. The Spot looks as good on a beautiful spring day as it does in the dead of winter. The rule is you can’t argue with that.

5. Respect The Spot and The Spot will respect you. Disrespect it and you may take the Walk of Shame.

6. Never disclose the location of The Spot to those who aren’t prepared to truly know The Spot.

7. There really aren’t any rules for The Spot.
(Jeremy and his daughter from his blog)

I love that he said of his weekend camping experience that he was not rushing to find the best camping spot with the most level tent ground and that he said in yesterday's post:
I guess what I’m getting at is I am passing on my spot, the best one, to the next person who gets there.
And so I thought about that for a bit. 
Here is my Spot that is:
  • a place where I am alone (relatively) with thoughts
  • a place where I can love and be loved
  • a time apart when reflections relate to actions and consequences can be examined
  • where I can be productive and where the end results might help someone else along the road
…generally, that spot is in my easy chair in my house, with knitting in my lap and large windows to look through and beyond.  But it often changes.

Where What is your Spot?

Be sure to check out Jeremy's Glossary of Camping Terms.  It is a hoot and oh, so accurate. ( I've been known to walk the Walk of Shame.)


  1. Thanks for sharing today. It helped me remember to tune out the "noise".

  2. My spot is the Uncompahgre Plateau. I think you know where that is. Never have I been closer to peace and Heaven.

  3. I know where my Spot would be if I could. My daughter's boyfriend lives in a large house on a river in the mountains, with BIG windows. He also knits, so he has a chair and table positioned by those windows where he sits to either knit or read his Bible. It is just perfect!!!

  4. Thanks for the free press Aunt Nancy, and your lovely comments on having your own the Spot!

    I think we'd better get in there and spiff up the glossary now that you're sending us all this traffic!


  5. My SPOT is where I am right now:) Enjoyed this post, makes you think! Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

  6. My spot sounds a lot like yours:0) Great post! XO


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