Monday, February 7, 2011

Half-Time at Super Bowl

Were you underwhelmed with Super Bowl entertainment?
The Black Eyed Peas brought the youth, but little else. "I Gotta Feeling" the NFL will be looking to try and find a better balance in time for Indianapolis next year.
picture: Dave Martin/AP

Hope your snacks and friends made it more enjoyable.


  1. Had a great time with friends, half-time show a big disappointment as were most of the commercials. Best part? Green Bay won!

  2. Yes, you're right Nancy. I know Tom Petty, the Stones and Paul McCartney are getting on in age and maybe the younger crowds don't care much for them, but we thought they could have come up with something better-even a high profile college band. The lights on the dancers were great, but how about Bruce Springsteen, even Bon Jovi, Cheryl Crow and Cher?


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