Monday, October 10, 2011

Rainbow Cake At a Family Picnic

The husband's brother, his daughter and grandson came for a visit. Granny hosted a family party.  You can tell from the pictures that the kids had their pictures taken several times over and had good times.

It was just the right occasion to have a rainbow cake that Cakity on Blogger first featured.

This is her colorful cake:

  Using two white cake mixes, four round pans, three cans of prepared white frosting and food dyes in four colors along with one tsp. vinegar for each dye batch, I came up with this cake, sprinkles courtesy of Michael's.  

The kids liked it.


  1. Hi Nancy ... *hugs*
    Look at all those precious little ones. That is the most adorable picture. I ADORE your cake. I am going to make that the next special occasion I can because won't everyone have a surprise. Its lovely.

    The 2 brothers look like twins! I can tell a really good time was had by all.

    enjoy this lovely Monday...

  2. What a great gathering. Who could resist fun, lookin' cake? Nice job!

  3. That is fantastic, what a great idea. It look like a fun party :)


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