Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sheep on the Wall

Why not have some sheep to keep me company in my craft room?  And maybe they could knit along with me. There's an idea.

Folk art has easy lines and is fairly quick to draw.  Inspiration came from Kathy's Needleworks in the form of canvases for needlepoint.  I copied John Blake's sheep from a canvas available at the needlework site.  After sketching them onto the wall, I then painted them in acrylics.  It is about half finished in the above picture.  If the next owner of the house does not want sheep in this room, a quick primer and another coat of paint will cover over the critters.

(Finished: inside dimensions 40" x 32")

Rough cut 2 inch firring strips frame the sheep; they are stained and add a barn-like touch.

But for now, those woolly gals are just making me happy and keeping me company while I knit Piper's Journey Shawl in a celestial blue that is 15% cashmere and 85% merino wool.

 The sheep approve.


  1. I like your sheep and what a good idea - I once did a deep sea mural on a bedroom wall and added a fish each night when my son was sleeping - all painted over now though! Re the salt in my pic have no idea what the 'right sort' is, just used kitchen salt!

  2. What a happy and inspring piece of art!
    How do you like that Piper pattern?

  3. The sheep are sooo cute! Nice painting job.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the sheep. Adorable!

  5. I like your sheep very much!

    I once designed a card, with a similar picture, and the words
    " - Did you know it takes three sheep to make a jumper?
    - And I didn't even know they could knit!"

    It seemed to go quite well!

    Thank you for your comment on my Fat Dormouse blog. I'm not that great a cook, but I do love cooking (especially for friends) so it's nice to try out new recipes.


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