Saturday, April 28, 2012

Letter to the Dormouse Regarding Carrot Soup

Dear Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner:

Thank you very much for the recipe I found here on your blog.  I did want you to know that it was quite delicious.  But somehow, cooking times did not equate at high altitudes.  Your recipe called for cooking the vegetables for about 20 minutes after the liquid came to a boil.  I was extremely hungry when I began soup preparation, just so you know.

So after cooking the onions, carrots and sweet potatoes for 55 minutes in the chicken stock, and flavoring with a Tbsp. of orange marmalade (the grocery shopping elves had not picked up any orange juice by noon today), I hoped it was ready.  I zuzzed it all together, and put it in my favorite poppy mug.  Can you see the steam?  No?  It was there, believe me.

(knitters please note that those are Hermione's Everyday Socks on the needles)

I was too hungry to make it pretty with a little parsley on top for garnish.

Anyway, thanks again Dormouse,

P.S.:  the roof of my mouth got burned while sipping the soup because I did not want to wait for it to cool (did I tell you I was hungry?)

P.P.S: I drank the soup and had Weight Watchers popcorn with the soup and it was extra delish


  1. Looks yummy:) Love how it matches your project you are working on! Have a blessed Sunday dear Nancy, HUGS!

  2. High altitude cooking is definitely tricky. The soup sure looks good. Glad it was delicious!

  3. The soup looks and sounds yummy. It's made up of foods I love, so I will definitely attempt it. Not sure what 500g of carrots equates to, but a little more or less won't matter, I'm sure! Your photo is gorgeous, everything complements the soup so perfectly.

  4. Hi Nancy (:) that does look good .. .. WW sister goes to it and has done very well keeping her weight off too..
    Have a wonderful day ~

  5. oh my does that look good & sound yummy!:)

  6. I'm very glad you enjoyed it. I'm surprised to find that altitude makes a difference to how long you have to cook veggies for. We're at must be VERY high up!!! I made this again yesterday; I used ginger purée instead of real ginger, and I think it was missing a bit of a zing!


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