Monday, April 30, 2012

What Day of the Week Were You Born? - Challenge

A new challenge is going on at Inspiration Avenue.  Click on this link to join the challenge.  Here is the deal:
The challenge this week is  "The Days of the Week"  from the age old nursery rhyme that was written to help children to learn the days of the week.  The challenge is not specific to the days of the week, but rather to the actual day of the week that you were born according to the nursery rhyme. 
If you don't know the actual day of the week you were born, I have included a link to a handy dandy birthday calculator that will help you make that determination. 
Here is the Link to the Birthday Calculator to find your day. 
And here an example... of just a few possibilities for each day! Use your imagination according to your day and any medium is a go!
Since I was born on a Thursday, I had "far to go"... my husband was born on a Saturday, and he had to work for his living.  So true for both adages!

So, since it took me a period of 44 years of schooling (off and on, between pregnancies, jobs, health issues, etc.), my challenge incorporated schooling and rough times into my theme of "far to go"... And after those 44 years, I still lack the doctoral degree.  Anyway, since school was always a theme in my life, I took the images of the little girl with an umbrella against the wind,
(Morton's Salt)
(Good Housekeeping)

 and school books, combined them together with a computer cord and came up with this altered image:

... click on this link to join the fun.

Thanks to Kim from IMGIRL for hosting this at Inspiration Avenue Challenge.


  1. I tried the linky and was surprised to be a Tuesday - full of grace - I am well known for being clumsy and was called 'the fairy elephant' as a child!

  2. I know what day I was born, Sunday and it was Mother's Day:) Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

  3. love the post so cute .. star eyes love it~~
    Your hair is darling in your profile pic(:)
    thanks so much on my sheep pillows too..

  4. That's a neat challenge. I wish I didn't have so many things going on and a couple of deadlines coming up or I'd join in.

    Thanks for the day of birth link. I had forgotten I'm a Monday; thought it was Wednesday. :)

  5. Perfect submission so Thursday's child! Love it! Great thinking! Life takes us down many roads, not always those in our plans! Thank goodness I took a wrong path or two off "my plans" LOL.

    I have always loved the girl with the umbrella and boots!

    Thanks for playing. I am also enjoying your blog. I so hope I can celebrate my 100th birthday!!!
    That's awesome!


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