Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Now We Have a Greenhouse

First we started out with our dog run area which we no longer use as such because our fur babies are so spoiled they won't go anywhere without a human by their side.

Then, inch by inch and step by step, the Mr. followed all instructions given in the kit. And now it is ready for use.

This is the finished product with pictures by Amazon.

We are hoping it will keep all herbs, geraniums and begonias safe over the winter. 

 And next spring, just wait for those beans seedlings and other vegetables to come out of the greenhouse!

The Mr. and the Mrs. are happy gardeners.

(illustrations by Sara Midda from In and Out of the Garden)


  1. Oh how exciting to have somewhere for your plants! Our garage turns into our greenhouse in the winter:) BIG HUGS and have a blessed day!

  2. Isn't Sara Midda's work exquisite? My finger is hovering over the purchase button on Amazon.

    Wishing you a lovely week.


  3. Congratulations!! Now you can garden for longer every year!

  4. Love your new greenhouse Nancy! It will be just what you need for the winter, how great! And, I love your dragonfly. I read your dragonfly post, and enjoyed all of the drawings and paintings, but I'm not sure that my comment took. The dragonfly is such a beautiful creature. Have a wonderful week, hope you are well. Hugs! ♥

  5. What a pretty little place to potter and grow. We don't have room for one in our garden but I think every home should come with one. You will be able to get your hanging baskets planted up way ahead before the rest of the neighbourhood now. Bettyx

  6. Oh ~ what wonderful ~ used to love gardening ~ enjoy ^_^ ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    Thanks for coming by ^_^

  7. Oh how wonderful! I would love a greenhouse...

    I have that book by Sara Midda-I bought it when it first came out-she is amazing...

  8. Hi Nancy!
    I love your greenhouse! Brilliant idea!
    Cute illustrations. I'll look her up!


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