Sunday, July 21, 2013

Harris Tweed on Harris

We visited the Harris Tweed supply showroom.  It was actually an old, large, tin roofed shed with bolts of tweed fabric, both solid colors, herringbone patterns, and what is generally thought of as "tweed" fabrics.

In order for wool fabric to be an official Harris tweed, it must be wool from sheep raised and sheared in either Shetland, the Orkneys, on the Hebrides or any island on the western coastland of Scotland.  Further, not only this, but the fabric must be woven by foot powered treadles machines.  The weaver does his work, usually on a croft, and make a bit of money on these projects, but likely not enough to support himself in a comfortable manner.

Here is Donald Mackay working on his loom, working away in his small shed as he chatted with our group.
Another shop with Harris Tweed jackets made to order in his shop on the Butt of Lewis.

His prices:

The Butt of Lewis and its lighthouse:


  1. Fabulous quality I expect, and just imagine the knowledge and expertise that has gone into making a suit like this. Betty

  2. Loved traveling along with you:) Love the Lighthouse! Have a blessed day dear Nancy, HUGS!

  3. This was a great trip wasn't it. Glad to have met you and share this lovely wooly experience with you! Safe travels home. Mary from Maine

  4. Hi Nancy
    love tweed
    looks you're having fun(:)

  5. So did you buy any tweed? I love the restrictions for authenticity.


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