Tuesday, February 18, 2014

30th Anniversary: Phoenix Scrabble

Barbara Van Alen started a local Scrabble Club in Phoenix, AZ, then progressed to become a director and then went on on to host her first tournament for Scrabble players.  That was 30 years ago in Phoenix, AZ. Last weekend marked her 30th hosted Phoenix tournament, along with her co-director and husband Larry Rand.  93 participants attended the tournament and represented five levels of player accomplishment.

Barbara and Larry with a cake for celebration

It was a great tournament, Phoenix hit record highs for temperatures in the mid 80's, the venue was excellent (Chaparral Resort in Scottsdale) and here are new words to add to my memorization list that were played on me, some of which I challenged:
  • pilei
  • bubu
  • seinite
  • moots
  • liger
  • serine
  • diene
  • uredial

Site for all pictures of the tournament: vanrand1 at smugmug dot com

I won a prize simply because my player number was "30".  Again, my score results over 28 games were about dead center in my group, which was division "C" of divisions "A" through "E";  dead center of dead center.  Talk about middle of the road and average.

I am only an average man but, by George, I work harder at it than the average man.

A good time was had by all.


  1. You must be very good, Nancy. You're a word person!

  2. Oh that looks like a ton of fun:) THIRTY years, congrats! I am average also but sure work hard at it! Enjoy your day dear Nancy, HUGS!

  3. Gosh, what a list...I only recognize the words bubu and moots. But that doesn't mean I can give a definition right off.

    This looks like fun Nancy, and congratulations to you on your winnings,and your friends for 30 years! Have a great week! Hugs!

  4. new words! no idea what they mean but there's a little project for me - go find out - I used to have a project when I was a young secretary thing that I would learn a new word every day from my dictionary - maybe time to start again!


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