Monday, October 27, 2014

Barcelona on Monday Market Day

Busy market in Barcelona, open Mondays through Saturdays.  Maureen and I were there Monday morning and we purchased marzipan candies for her cake decorations.  One of her varied careers was a restaurant and tea shop owner, so she knows the business of making foods look enticing.  She purchased watermelon and strawberry marzipan.  Little baby bottles, all sorts of fruits, animal and bird shapes were available.

Nuts all around, not including the people.

Look at these fish!  Fresh.

Pretty fruits for a quick breakfast. 

 Now off to the Celebrity Equinox for the sail back to Florida.  Buenos diaz. 


  1. You are having a great time for all of us:) Enjoy your day, I know you will! HUGS!

  2. Yum! You look great! I liked your comment about the nuts.

  3. What fabulous colour - the nuts look delicious. Lovely pic of you too!

  4. These are extraordinary photos. Those marzipan candies are so neat. I've never had one. You look terrific with your pixie.

  5. Gosh, this is a beautiful market...what a fun place to shop! You look like you're having a fantastic time Nancy!

  6. Oh, my goodness! How wonderful. And beautiful. Now I'm hungry!


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