Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thank you, Australian Sheep

"When in Scotland," free pattern, took less than two weeks to knit up.  Finished size after blocking: 80" x 33"

The wool, again, thank you John, was hand spun from fleeces of sheep that grazed in Australia.  The dyeing was from both natural flowers and acid dyes.

Friend Natalie is knitting her shawl from the natural, undyed colors of the sheep from fleeces John spun:

And this is Dottie's slipper, one she is making.  Again, from John's spun wool:


Yesterday was a stressful day as it was an outing with Julie.  Gene and I wheeled her across the street from Mesa Manor and around the hospice campus to the accessible restaurant operated by HopeWest, Spoons Bistro & Bakery, where most proceeds go back to hospice.  Julie seemed to enjoy getting out, eating under an umbrella, and touring the grounds.  It was a pretty day, very hot and sunny, so the climate added to the milieu of the many flowers in bloom. But I failed to take a camera.

After getting Julie back to the nursing home and settled, I arrived home physically and emotionally exhausted.  Julie's social skills and perceptions are not that of the average; crying on both our parts is generally par.  The husband, as usual, was stalwart.  He suggested I read a book on dealing with adolescent autistic people, of which neither category of "adolescent" nor "autistic" exactly fits into her persona.  But there are certain similarities in both aspects of the terms as to how she deals with life.  I will give it a go and do more reading.  Maybe I can better learn how to deal with her when she is around other people in social settings.  My expectations are apparently too great.  Or maybe just unrealistic.


  1. First, I love your knitting! Such a beautiful blanket--and such beautiful yarn!

    I'm sorry that the situation with your daughter is so stressful. I now understand your comment on my blog about expectations! Maybe sometimes it takes awhile to understand what our expectations should--and shouldn't--be. In the meantime, let us pray!


  2. Beautiful shawl! I LOVE the colors AND the neutral one too:) I pray that you and Julie will have a better outing next time! I know you love being with her! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  3. fabulous knitting! the wool even in a photo is clearly incredibly soft. I am sorry you are having emotional stress just now, my advice if you don't object (from personal experience) is don't analyse it, don't label it and both you and daughter don't hold back on letting it out, better out than in. Betty x

  4. Your shawl is great. I like the mellow colors. They're warm, but soothing at the same time. I'm sorry your outing with Julie didn't turn out the way you wanted. Perhaps this is just a hump that I know you'll get over.

  5. Hang in there, good Nancy. You are a true servant.
    Your knitting looks so good! You're inspiring.

  6. fabulous knitting; you're doing very well. Lower your expectations, keep standards high and pray, a lot. Take care of yourself, these are trying times.

  7. Beautiful knitting, Nancy. Soldier on. You can do it. x


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