Thursday, August 6, 2015

Crochet Bowls, Again

Simply, I cannot get enough kale crisps, cashews, chocolate bites, or crochet bowls.  Luckily, the bowls have no calories, albeit they are addictive once one gets cotton yarns in hand. These bowls I make all the time from a pattern similar to this one on Ravelry, holding contrasting colors of yarns together while doing a single crochet.

Seed packets from friend Carol, who encourages good gardening habits for Mesa Manor.

Mr. Bear, above, was a gift from Auntie to Julie while in hospital.

Several have been given away, and did not have the opportunity to display themselves to my camera before going off to new homes.

These were made in February of this year:


  1. You are so good about using those bowls. I may need to make one as the camping, canvas chairs I sit in while the dames are riding in the court are limited in storage space while I knit.

  2. Nancy your bowls are very pretty and 0ractical

  3. Those bowls are beautiful:) Have a blessed day dear Nancy, HUGS!

  4. OH WOW Nancy
    the fences are just the cutest !!
    fun stuff...I love painting things on the unusual places too..
    my mom once painted a mural on the back of our bathtub wall (:)
    using oil paint..


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