Saturday, February 13, 2016

Scrabbling in Arizona

((Written yesterday)

Here in Tempe, it is noon and the 32nd annual Scrabble Tournament is four hours into play and I am two up and two down, sitting in the 85 degree shade writing about my first game.  Zachary was my opponent, eleven years of age, from LA, and smart as a pistol.  He beat me.

Before every game, it is mandated that the scrabble board be set up displaying squares of 25 tiles in each corner to show no tiles are missing prior to play.  Here is his board he set up in about five minutes, to display his 100 tiles, proving he had all required tiles, including two blanks.  

He beat me.


  1. Whoa. Good for him. You ain't no slacker yourself, Nancy, in Scrabble.

  2. What a smart cookie to beat such a smart cookie! Happy Valentine's Day, Nancy!

  3. Oh what fun! I know you are having a wonderful time, even in defeat! Have a fun day dear friend, HUGS!


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