Friday, February 26, 2016

Shunt Revision

IT is Friday and Julie has spent the last twelve hours both in the hospital ER and in a room with a view.  The view is of the parking lot, but a view nonetheless.

The ventricular arterial shunt has been causing Julie problems and she is facing a revision soon after the neurosurgeon on-call finishes up with a surgery.  The Physician Assistant, a pleasant man in his early middle years, finished with his assessment this last hour.  Julie's headache is manageable with Fentanyl and other pain medications.  It would be a stretch to say she is resting comfortably, but she is tolerating this newest ordeal with her usual perseverance.

Her blanket brought with her by ambulance from the manor is at home in the wash.  Gene will bring it later today.  My red pillow and iPad and phone are close at hand.  Julie rests, or feigns rest, and waits.


  1. Oh dang. I'm sorry to read she is still hitting bumps in the road to recovery. Hugs to you all.

  2. I am sorry your daughter is going through this and hope recovery will be swift.

  3. Praying that Julie will get some relief! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS to all of you!


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