Saturday, March 19, 2016

Art Blom and Updates

March 17, the day aka St. Patrick's Day, saw Art Blom as the featured artist providing a demonstration to the Brush and Palette Club.  Blom's art medium is painting with a palette knife and oils. From the Brush and Palette website where Elise wrote: 
Art has successfully made the transition from the three dimensions and tactile quality of sculpture to painting. 
Art grew up up in Idaho and received an MFA from Ohio State University. He was the head of the sculpture program at Grand Valley State College in Michigan, and taught classes at the Community College of Denver, in high schools and private classes. He has given demonstrations of his two and three-dimensional art techniques throughout the country and has shown extensively in one and two-man shows, juried shows and invitational exhibitions throughout the U.S. He moved to Colorado in the 1980’s, and quickly became enamored with landscape painting. He switched from acrylic to oil paint, and then discovered the textural possibilities of painting with a palette knife.
Art begins with a covering of oils on his canvas and primarily wields only one palette knife when he paints 

Applying a base coat of oils

Brooks Powell and Art

One of Blom's landscapes on display

...another Blom landscape

...and another Blom landscape

Captive Audience Attending Blom's demonstration

Trudy Ungaro won the March mini show!

And on to other news:

Yesterday, I received an illustrated letter from PomPom!  You really need to check out her blog for lovely pictures and her wonderful family.   She sent off Mr. Badger for a trip to the UK where he went to Downton Abbey, a cathedral, had tea in many places and lots of exciting adventures; did he have tales to tell!  (*She always make me smile.*)

I don't think she will mind my showing you a picture of Mr. Badger from her website.

Yesterday, Saturday, was the first day that Julie allowed herself to be transferred from the bed and into her wheelchair for a spin around the manor.  She is afraid that if she gets out of bed, her pressure sores will take longer to heal.  Oh, contraire'...but she must have heard someone say that while she was in Denver, so it stuck in her head.


  1. So thankful to read that Julie was able (and willing) to get out and around... I hope she found such joy and benefit in the short outing that she will want to do it again... and that the misinformation about the pressure ulcers will be corrected:-/ That little badger is adorable. I will go check out PomPom's site:-) Blom's work is gorgeous - I love the palette knife "look"... hard little tool for my hands (brain) to handle!

  2. Gorgeous paintings! Looks like SO much fun! Praying for Julie every day to improve! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. PomPom is so fun and kind! I saw the first part of your post and missed the second. Hope Julie continues to do better; glad that your were reading Lewis' _Letters to am American Lady_ ... it's a good read and hope you enjoy it. <3


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