Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Freya Hite Shares Art

Prolific artist Freya Hite has won numerous awards at the Brush & Palette Fine Art Shows. Hite paints landscapes, figures, portraits and abstracts. Freya believes that art is a strong form of communication of ideas, emotions, and states of being. And, of course, it feeds the soul.

Hite demonstrated her abstracts using a product similar to water based oils (Flashe paints). Her painting might look "random" but her composition is far from random as she lays down paint on the canvas.

Some highlights to remember from the Hite demonstration that you arty people might want to refer to in the future:
  • Using the Golden Triangle in art composition... link here for the Rule of Third
  • and here for more information and good examples (a Vermeer painting is cited
  • Flashe painting was briefly mentioned, using transparent type acrylic paints
    • Source: The FLASHE range, distributed since 1955 by LeFranc & Bourgeois, is one of the first modern painting materials to give artists other means than oil painting to express themselves. Its optical characteristics allow the effects of old tempera paints and primitive painting grounds to be reproduced. The paints are matte, velvety and opaque.
    • Hite mentioned the Zorn Palette, named after Anders Zorn, as he used the following four colors for his palette, resulting in good skin tones and varying shades of greys: : Yellow Ochre, Crimson, Black, Titanium White. "That's it! Just 4 colors. You can vary your palette by the type of black and red that you use." (source Gagnon Studio)  
    • These are some of Hite's small canvases where she used Zorn Palette colors:

    Thank you, Freya!

    Mini Art Show Winner for the month of May was Cynthia Grover, shown here with her painting:

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