Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Reyna Shawl and Lunch Out

Linking with Ginny, here is the finished Reyna Shawl.

Comments: Giving myself a C- grade on this one. Instead of knitting a slip slip knit, which is tedious, instead the trick for me was to knit through the backs of two stitches (after the center spine). Note to self: too difficult to maneuver this and dropped too many stitches along the way, thinking I had caught them up when, in fact, they elusively slipped from sight.  Then I saw the dropped stitches too late.  Bad knitter.  I will not knit this scarf again.  The colored clips denote places that need to be fixed.

On other notes:

Yesterday was the first time in a year, since Julie arrived back in Colorado, that we went out for lunch at a public restaurant.  I was apprehensive on many levels.  But the excursion bypassed most of my worries, and even the sun came out for a while. Julie, of course, has no qualms about anything. She merrily drank a marguerita and had her meal with just a few mishaps that certainly did not bother her in the least.  I came home weak kneed (Gene went, too, bless him) and thankful I did not misbehave with too many aimed corrective behaviors.

Going to the manor now for our little art class so will look at other YarnAlong entries later.


  1. I am so glad! Easy goes it. Nice to have a finished 'object' even if you grade yourself hard on it.

  2. I'm glad you had a pleasant lunch with Julie; love how she had a margarita. I hope despite that knitting experience you will get good usage out of it.

  3. I like hearing that other people have knitting goofs, too. What a pretty color! Yay for a meal out!

  4. Brave of you to do your own thing with the knit, that was challenging and it still came out ok although not perfect in your eyes! Lovely that Julie has been able to get outside for a marguerita. Betty

  5. Love that shawl! Sounds like you all had a great lunch! Have a blessed day dear Nancy, HUGS!


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