Sunday, June 12, 2016

Father Isaac and Very Reverend Father Don Malin

It is our privilege to have become members of Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Parish this year.  Gene and I have grown in faith and have acquired new friends and spiritual partners in this parish.  The two priests serving at the parish are the Very Reverend Father Don P. Malin, V.F. and Father Isaac Kariuki, originally from Kenya. Here are a few pictures  of them over the past months.

Father Isaac Kairuki, fall of 2015 at RCI
Fr. Isaac, June, 2016
Fr. Isaac and Gene, June, 2016 at dinner
Father Don, March 2016
Father Don, March 2016 at Easter Vigil
 From this week at IHM:

'Just Believers'
Fr. Don Malin's band, 'Just Believers' will be performing after the 4PM mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church on Saturday, June 11th. The Knight's of Columbus will have a cook out and offer hot dogs and hamburgers! Come offer Fr Don and Fr Isaac a Happy Birthday!  

Fr. Don and the Just Believers, June 11, 2016

The Just Believers performed about a dozen pieces last night to an enthusiastic crowd.  Great meal, fun time

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  1. Nothing better than finding the right place to worship! Enjoy your day dear Nancy. Hugs


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