Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Main Fun Times in Maine

Summer Solstice with a Strawberry Moon outside our cabin

Sunset on Penobscot Bay Sail

Castine Cottages where we occupied four cottages

Lupine Showing Off

Lobster traps

Sailing on Penobscot Bay


Lighthouse in Castine

Lobster traps on a haul

Relaxing at Andrea's house

Andrea, right, a most gracious hostess.  We all had a marvelous week playing Scrabble!

A few of us before departing Castine...


  1. What a wonderful holiday for you all. I saw the lobster traps and was like, Ooh! How do you eat lobster? I know there is a good chunk of meat in the tail. Do you crack open the claws as well? Do they have good meat like crabs? What about the body?

  2. I love Maine! I've only been there once but everything about it makes me happy. I'm so glad you are having fun, Nancy!

  3. Oh what a fun time and beautiful scenery. Have a blessed day dear Nancy, hugs.

  4. Loved the photos! You look great!

  5. I haven't heard about a Scrabble Holiday before, but it is a great idea! I can't think of a better game to play with friends in cabins, other than Bananagrams :-)


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