Friday, November 29, 2013

Wovember Wool Fair Isle Hat Entry

Ending November 30, all contest entries must be sent in to Wovember.  Details are here.  I just made the contest deadline in time!

To recap about the contest:
This year – as with last year – Wovember will be focused on closing the gap between producers and consumers of yarn. The month of November will feature a sequence of woolly contents on the Wovember site, divided into 5 sections:

*growing wool
*harvesting wool
*processing wool
*working with wool
*wearing wool
A range of specific people were invited to contribute guests posts for each section, but in addition to this, ALL were warmly invited to help shape the celebration!

Jamieson & Smith Wool Brokers are giving this prize: adequate quantities of yarn to make Felicity Ford's pattern Blayter, as well as the pattern.  Blacker Yarns is doing the same, and Foula Wool is also supplying a woolly goodness prize.

So although it took me all month, I did finish the Shetland Heritage Hat today with their 100% wool, 2 ply yarns, in various colors, from Jamieson & Smith's.

All details are here.
(top of the hat, poor color correction !)
Here is Felicity Ford's Baby Jacket called Blayter:
I really wanna win the pattern and yarns so, pick me, pick me!


  1. Good luck. Nice, happy colors in your Fair Isle.

  2. Oooh, stunning hat - well done you. I've just bought some J&S Shetland from a fellow Raveller's stash to make a Fair Isle Tam. Nice prizes. Keeping everything crossed for you.

  3. Such a pretty hat! Love the colors! Have a blessed weekend, HUGS!

  4. I'll try to pick you! I love your hat!

  5. Love the hat - it's really beautiful - Betty

  6. You are so clever Nancy - that hat is absolutely gorgeous! E x

  7. I love Fair Isle, but am too easily distracted to be able to knit it.

  8. Gorgeous hat!

    I really didn't have time for Wovember this year, which I was quite sorry about. It's been lovely to read all the blog posts though :D

  9. I am digging that color-work! How cool is that! One of these days, I will try to take on a true color-work project like that... one of these days.


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