Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vintage Seed Packet Images

Vintage seed packet pictures: an internet search came up with many good links.  The beauty of Victorian ephemera is quite fetching, especially since all images were hand drawn and painted.

Links to free images of vintage seed packets are cataloged here for my (and your) future use, along with some of the pictures that captured my eye.  These images will be an excellent source for referencing, painting, and posting on my Floral Art blog.

Here are some links, in no particular order:

Smithsonian Museum: "Seed Packets, Vintage"

(sweet peas)
and my favorite:
Free Vintage Fruit Crate Labels:

Go to Google Images and you will see many such as this one:
Bing Search Engine has lots:
Vintage Seed Packet Templates shows many templates with flower and vegetable images, all free to use for your own non-commercial purposes.  (They are in PDF format)

Home and Garden has more images:

And some blog posts about vintage seed packet images and how they might be used can be found at The Frugal Mennonite, The Vintage Workshop, Blue Hour Studio, to name just a few.

So there you have a short run-down of sources for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Headband for a Bald Head

This is called "headband for a bald head" and it should fit right into the wardrobe of a person without hair. And it took less than a day to knit.

  You can click on the badge to the left to get all the details and the free pattern.  It is a good thing, and I'll bet you can guess who will be the recipient.

And another cotton number from the same pattern:
and yet another:

Caffeine Cure for Wrinkles

If this topic interests you, look further. (That means if you are over thirty, is caffeine the cure for puffy eyes?)

This gal (picture courtesy of the London Mail Online) shows some real change after using caffeine serum in her before and after pictures.

  Having featured on U.S. chat show The Tyra Banks Show, the First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller caused a  online and sold out on the Boots website within two hours. 
WILL IT WORK - FEMAIL'S VERDICT Several eye products have started incorporating roller ball technology because customers like the cooling sensation on their skin and immediately think that it must be having some sort of an effect. Garnier launched its Caffeine Eye Roll-On in 2008 and it became one of their most successful products. 
The metal ball does mean it feels cool to the skin, although I’m not convinced the pressure equates to the sort of results a facialist can achieve with manual massage. Glycerin, a powerful moisturising agent, and mica, a mineral which reflects light, mean fine lines do instantly look less obvious. (Read more here.)
So I am thinking that if wet tea bags are placed under the eyes for a refreshing spa treatment, why not use a wet instant coffee bag for additional benefits? Just a thought.