Monday, March 17, 2008

Knitting Markers with Colorful Beading

Knitting Markers made from beads and jump rings (close up below)

While listening to one of my favorite knitting podcasts over the weekend, I surfed over to one of the sponsoring knitting websites and found accessories which make knitting more fun. One of the accessories I found was knitting markers with beads attached. Since I have a collection of beading materials, I took the idea of colorful markers and made some of my own.

I am knitting two projects now, and am using six of the markers incorporated into the work. It makes the handwork even more fun as I come across one of the markers. Not shown are a couple of knitting markers where I used an old ring as the marker, and attached a small bead string to it. Make sure that if you are making these yourself, be aware of any closure of the rings which might snag your yarn. Just firmly crimp all attachments, and VOILA! You are in business.

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