Saturday, March 22, 2008

Knitting Sit-ster Dolls

A favorite knitting project which I frequently turn to is making little knit dolls with a pipe cleaner hidden in their legs to make them pliable. After making a few, I decided to create some in all shades of pink, with the crossover arms in the shape of a breast cancer ribbon (pink, of course). I have made over thirty of these dolls, and give them to women going through chemotherapy and/or radiation for breast cancer. They bring a smile and are a happy little addition to a computer desk or what-not shelf.

Here is a picture of a couple of Sit-sters I have knitted. They are called Sit-sters because of their flexiblity to sit without assistance. Unfortunately, I have given away some of the more creative ones with wild and crazy hair made from colorful, shaggy fibers.

The Pattern for these dolls came from an excellent book, The Natural Knitter, written by Barbara Albright, along with a concise excerpt from the description of its contents.

Book Review from Tree Hugger

Albright adroitly covers much ground, from the plants and animals that produce the fibers to the artisans who coax them into luscious skeins of yarn. Alongside the vibrant, lavishly detailed photographs are knitting patterns to more than 20 classic designs, created from yarns spun from the fibers of sheep, llamas, angora bunnies, yak, and silkworms, as well as from organic cotton, hemp, linen, and even pineapple. (Look elsewhere for the eyelash-yarn bustiers.) You even get step-by-step instructions on how to dye yarn at home with naturally derived, eco-friendly dyes.

If you are a knitter, you will become a fan of these little creatures for gifting purposes. Contact me if you would like directions for knitting Sit-sters.

A link to knitting for charity is included here:

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