Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Over the past few weeks, I have been an avid fan of listening to various pod casts while knitting or sewing on projects. There is so much to learn from such a diverse group of talented people, that I find myself tuning in to cached programs on my iPod while also trying to do something somewhat productive. (I must admit that I also play Scrabble on the internet while listening) Scrabble Link

One podcast that is new to me is from Marble Falls, Texas, the “Hill Country” of Texas, hosted by Rhonda Bell. Since I am a Texas native, and my sister lives in Austin, her locale holds special interest for me. Her pod casts go back over the past two years, so I am going to record all the back casts for future listening.

Take a look at her website and maybe listen to a pod cast; she hosts them in a friend-to-friend atmosphere, like you were chatting over coffee:

Rhonda's Knitting Pod Cast

On her website, take a look at these free patterns which she has garnered:

Free Patterns

And another site for People Who Knit and Also Love Books: Knit Lit is a fun site since host Heather Ordover has a professional read classical books in the latter part of her program. It is sponsored by Knitting Out Loud, Knitting Audiobooks.

And I cannot forgot to give a hoot out to Kelley Petkun, another favorite podcaster whose program "Knit Picks" is also on my iPod iTunes podcatcher.

Knit Picks

Take a listen; you will probably get hooked!

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