Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to Get Your Own Word Cloud

The above is my "Word Cloud" generated free of charge from Snapshirts*.

You can get a word cloud generated from your personal blog or a blog that you like simply by clicking on "Custom" at their site (ignore the $18 fee unless you want something printed up using your Word Cloud). This company scans words from the url of the cited blog and alphabetically, but randomly, prints out selected words in different sized fonts.

It made me realize that the specific words in my cloud accurately express my interests since I frequently penned those highlighted words in my blog theme of arts and crafts.

For grins, I also tried out the url site of my husband's blog. And yep, but of course, his word cloud reflects what he thinks and writes about. I had to laugh, though, at some of the generated words he would not like to shout out to the world ("liberal" and "Hillary" to name a few). It got me thinking about other people and what their word clouds might look like...you get the drift.

And what do YOU mostly think about? What would your personal Word Cloud say? Pondering that thought might save you years in psychotherapy.

Snapshirts* even lets you "DESELECT" generated words, allowing for substitutions. What a kick that could be to start off with Snapshirt's selected words, and then come up with your own set.

I wish them good business off their innovative approach to the blog world; they certainly got a couple of my bucks.

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