Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learn Something New - Skill + 1UP - 2KCBWDAY2

Join in!

One of my "blog buddies" on Ravelry is promoting an effort for bloggers to post daily about something along the same lines of creativity related to fiber arts.  Each day during this week, we can then look at others' blogs to see what they are doing related to the daily theme. 

Today's topic is LEARN SOMETHING NEW.

On Eskimi's blog she says::
Announcing the 2nd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.
Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011 will run from 28th March to 3rd April 2011 in a week of fibre-arts related posts and events which will see many members of the knitting and crochet community worldwide blog daily together on the same subjects and topics.
Look back over your last year of projects and compare where you are in terms of skill and knowledge of your craft to this time last year. Have you learned any new skills or forms of knitting/crochet (can you crochet cable stitches now where you didn’t even know such things existed last year? Have you recently put a foot in the tiled world of entrelac? Had you even picked up a pair of needles or crochet hook this time last year?
Tips: Don’t be abashed at admitting your own skill and progress. If possible, include pictures of projects that you gained new skills from.
I'll bite.  What I have learned over the past month is to READ DIRECTIONS carefully, and ask friends for clarification!

Remember this pathetic thing?

Obviously, it was just wrong.

So it was ripped out twice, and here it is looking better:

The key was that you must three sets of directions simultaneously (a chart you devise yourself is helpful).  Duh.  Now I get it!  See the free pattern here.  And learn to read the directions!

Go on over to Eskimi's blog to join in with the blog-along.

"To read more posts on the topic ‘Skill + 1UP’ from bloggers around the world, all blogging today, enter the code 2KCBWDAY2 into Google or your search engine of choice. Happy reading, and happy blogging."


  1. I'm wondering if that yarn is caron spa? I knit a sweater out of that last year. :)

  2. The tension in your knitting has greatly improved. You should be very proud of yourself!

  3. Oooh, you're very patient - all that stockinette ! such a pretty yarn too :)


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