Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aprons: Some Free Vintage Patterns

From The Sew Weekly, this week's theme is aprons.
As hard as it is to believe, there was once a time when women cooked in clothes that they didn't want to get dirty! Yes! It's true! And then the 1960s happened, clothing got a whole lot cheaper to make and buy and the idea of *not* wearing your party dress while you made some sort of gelatinous dish was born. While wearing an apron today has become more of a kitchy nod to the past, there has certainly been a resurgance of aprons as textile art.

Although I am not in that perfect age group to wear aprons, I still do it.

And IMHO, the perfect age group is either young (ages 4 to 29) or old (just a bit older than I!). 

Last week, I wore this apron to painting group, and got a funny look from a guy in an even older age group.  It probably is not attractive from the back view, if ya know what I mean, but it is very cute from the front:

A big lot of vintage FREE patterns for aprons can be accessed here.  Now go make one!


  1. I love aprons and scoop them up at Estate Sales:) My Sister-In-Law wears an apron ALWAYS when she cooks! It makes it easy to buy a gift for her that she will love! I adore your sweet apron, STYLISH! Have a blessed day dear Nancy! HUGS!

  2. I have always seen my mum cooking in an apron. Wonder if this is something very French?

  3. We have a couple aprons at home but they aren't particularly inspired. I generally don't wear them. But I adore the look of vintage ones. They remind me of all the snarky things that Ann Taintor does with 50's images of women. Check her out:

  4. Super cute apron! I wear one and am not in the age group b/c I always get oil stains on my clothes and I don't have many.

  5. Hi! I love retro aprons! Yours is really cute.

  6. My mom wore aprons while cooking and always had extra for my sister and me. We didn't even wear jeans around the house until around 1963or so, and couldn't wear jeans in public until then. So you did housework and cooking in slacks, thus, the apron! I don't have one anymore, but still like them-your apron is cute! I always liked the bib aprons-makes you look and feel like such an artist no matter what you're inventing! Thanks for the memories Nancy.


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