Sunday, June 17, 2012

CASA for Children

Eighteen months ago, I became a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children and wrote a post about it HERE.

This past week I took on another case, and while at the CASA office I found this writing:


We speak for a CHILD 
who wears shoes that are too small
whose nightmares are a reality
who never heard of Mickey Mouse
whose parents ran away

We are the voice of a child
who feels at fault
who lives in fear of daddy coming home
who wonders what it's like to have a friend
who only eats when food can be found

We listen to the children
who don't know what truth is
who are in constant need of a hug
who find freedom only on a swing
who believe they are the parent.

Together we work to make a difference

It was good enough to share. Please think about volunteering your efforts.


  1. Surprisingly seconds before reading your post Nancy I have had to had over a carwash bucket and sponge to my sons little 13 yr old friend who is currently living with another friend whilst the social services decide what to do. His stepfather had just called and asked him to return the car wash and fishing rod equipment - how sad and spiteful this man must be. The boy has returned the items with my son as chaperone (stepdad is violent) and we are now seeking a fishing rod for him on freecycle). We have wanted to foster older children for years now but don't fill the criteria of an extra bedroom and due to recession can't afford to move - it's a sad old world.

  2. Nancy, can you repost the link? When I clicked upon it, I got a pic of hydrangeas.
    Is this a volunteer thing for you or your day job?
    A fellow knitter in my group was a speech therapist and would make blankets for foster kids she worked with so they'd have one to place upon their bed when they moved to a new foster home.


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