Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eyelashes on Dogs

The question is: DO DOGS HAVE EYELASHES?

The answer: YES

And our other dog Mercy has very long lashes:

from Nancy's Floral Art Blog


  1. Hi Nancy! I love the doggie faces! So sweet!

  2. Libby is adorable! You have done her justice in your painting :)

  3. Your Libby looks a lot like my Koekie :)
    And love your painting of Mercy.

  4. Libby is so precious, and I did see her eyelashes! We had a beautiful husky, who we lost just under a year ago to age and illness, and, I would marvel at her beautiful eyelashes. They were blondish and looked real soft. And, your painting is wonderful. Thank you for bringing back this sweet memory for me!♥

  5. So, so cute. Dog faces are the best!


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