Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Let’s talk about beading.

I was mesmerized by this activity about two years ago and made over fifty pairs of earrings. Shown in the picture is one pair of those surviving earrings and its matching necklace, and a pair of glasses with a beaded string attached. Those articles, as well as about a dozen of my favorite earrings and bracelets which were self-made (note that term “self-made“, NOT “homemade”!) survive in my jewelry stash.

Like most crafters whose made supplies have outgrown one’s personal use, I gave away many of my beaded articles to friends and family.

I continue to work with beads and “found” objects, and have kept the myriad beading items honed down and tucked away in two boxes, an admirably small cache. You never know when you just HAVE TO HAVE a hand-made bookmark or hostess gift at the ready.

But my long-time friend Carol in North Carolina has professionally taken to fashioning great looking earrings and necklaces from novelty beads and findings. Her jewelry items are nicely displayed at this website: Carol's Creations

Take a look and see what she has up her sleeve and in her portfolio.

And if you have not looked into beading for yourself, most beading shops and craft stores offer short classes teaching this hobby. Well illustrated instruction books are readily available, too.

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