Monday, March 24, 2008

Knitting Face Cloths

Knitting dishcloths is a great past time while watching television, especially when "Fox News" goes on just a bit too long in our living room.

Use 100% cotton yarn (various brands found at WalMart or your local hobby store). Sugar and Cream is a popular ball of wound cotton and comes in many single and variegated colors.

The problem I have after finishing the DISHCLOTHS is that I do not want to get those pretty colors “dirtied” by dishwater residue. So, I use them as luxurious FACE cloths. It is a simple treat to use one at night for makeup removal with a nicely scented soap. The knitted texture of the cotton cloth gives just enough of an abrasive quality to make you feel like you have given a good wash to your skin. Throw them in the washer after use, but do let them AIR DRY.

After making several dozen, and giving them to grateful girlfriends, you might try using a more pricy yarn incorporating some wool into the fiber. This type would not be used for a face cloth, but could be used as a coaster.

Here is a link to many dishcloth patterns:


My favorite pattern is the first one listed on this web site entitled “Idiot’s Dishcloth”. It has been around a long time, and is one of those patterns that has been handed down for several generations.

These are addictive to make. My sister-in-law and I chuckle over our time spent knitting and crocheting these useful(err...useless?) articles.

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