Monday, April 7, 2008

Crafting Good Behavior

Our older dog, Mercy, is a graduate of the GJ Parks and Recreation Beginning Dog Obedience class. My husband and I decided that we would not home school our younger dog, but instead, send her on for more advanced training. The class is described in the latest city recreational brochure as follows:

Dog Obedience training can be the beginning of a rewarding, loving relationship between you and your dog. Learn about proper equipment and how it is used, basic commands, and communication. Your dog must be at least four months old; have current distemper, parvo, and rabies vaccinations; Mesa County license, and must be under control at all times. Holly Koch will instruct sessions beginning on Wednesdays and Sundays at Sherwood Park, and Bob Simpleman will instruct the other classes at Canyon View Park.
So, after much fanfare and putting off classes for a month because of the weather, our younger 16 month old Maltese-Poodle pup, Libby, and I started this program today at a nearby city park.

Ms. Koch, instructor, is keen on a strong sense of owner responsibility. She certainly knows her area of expertise, and displays a caring attitude and good teaching skills.

Libby is the pup on the end of the red leash. Her friend and classmate Beaux looks on.

My future goal is for the older dog, Mercy, to complete the 10 steps of the AKC/CGC Test to gain her certification as a Therapy Dog. With the good weather ahead of us, I plan to heed Cesar Milan and Ms. Koch's advice of "exercise, discipline and affection" in order get a head start on this certification.

Our daughter benefited over the years from several Therapy Dogs having visited her during many of her countless hospital stays at Children's Hospital in Denver. I would like to give back some of the joy she received from being able to pet a well mannered dog.

Perhaps Mercy The WonderDog might be able to help others who could benefit from a dog visit while undergoing medical treatment.


  1. Not sure but isn't that a cat?

  2. harumph! She is an opinionated, feisty, smart, mouthy little b--- just like her momma! :o)

  3. Oh, I think it's wonderful that you are training both of your dogs. Though I found the classes more geared towards training the humans, since the dogs picked up everything so quickly.

    Training courses were the best thing we did with Jake. It make him less fearful, less aggressive (he was rescued) and more confident. He is a wonderful dog now.

  4. Good for you and Jake!! Yes, definitely, it is I who am the animal to be trained!! Thanks for your comment!


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