Monday, January 25, 2010

Kimono Shawl Sweater in Wool

It took one month of obsessive knitting to finish the Plymouth Encore worsted wool shawl sweater.  I used a bit heavier wool named "City Tweeds" (55% merino, 25% superfine alpaca, 20%  Donegal tweed) from KnitPicks:
“This yarn begins with alpaca and Merino fibers dyed two different colors and then blended together to make a subtly rich, lustrous heather. We chose neutral colored donegal tweed neps to incorporate into the 2-ply yarn. The high ratio of neps gives City Tweed a traditional appeal. The use of Merino and alpaca makes it soft and warm.
It took 11 skeins of yarn to knit the sweater and a couple of circular needles. Here is a video describing how the yarn was made, courtesy of Knit Picks:

And this is the finished sweater, knit in the Morning Glory colorway:

It is warm, easy to wear, and was well worth the effort that went into this project.


  1. Thanks! Lovely sweater! I just found your blog through Ravelry, and I'm glad to see a positive review. I am an obsessive, though not terribly accomplished knitter, and I started this pattern before finding out how people liked the process and results. Mine is being knit in the round as much as possible; I will then add a fake side seam a la Elizabeth Zimmermann to give it the shape and structural support of a real seam. (here's hoping!)

  2. Hi, Anne. Thanks for your comment. Sounds like you are more than an accomplished knitter with your modifications, and I know it will turn out well. One note: be sure to add all the necessary stitched when adding on your collar, or it will "pull up". I did it wrong and had to re-do!

    Smiles ... Nancy


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