Thursday, July 7, 2011

Free Patterns for Caftans

Hot weather makes me want to shower early and put on a comfy, cool caftan.  Caftans hearken back to the 70's when they were the rage, and for good reason.  It was (and is) an easy wearing garment reminiscent of muumuus.

Some vintage patterns are available on various websites, but I decided to forgo the purchased patterns and find a tutorial on the internet.

This website by essortment was where I went for general instructions.  Of course, the pattern was tweaked and re-sized, but the general gist of it was used.  I found that after washing my fabric, it did shrink up, so be sure you prewash your yardage, and purchase enough to allow for shrinkage.  And ensure that if you are taller than average that you increase your length.

Weekend Designer highlighted this caftan, along with similar technique instructions.

And here is the finished caftan, with surprisingly little effort:

Can't you just see wearing it on your summer patio with an umbrella drink in hand?


  1. Love it- looks comfy and very summery!

  2. Flashback to the old school. Neat!

  3. I don't have one BUT my Sister does:) Beautiful, I will share this with her! Thanks a bunch my friend, HUGS!

  4. Easier to make than lounging pajamas! It's so hot here, I have to shower as soon as I'm in from the garden, and then it doesn't make sense to put on clothes again, so I go for the jammies. Perhaps it's caftan time for me too ...

  5. Caftans would be so comfy now. I would have never thought to make a few. Your post is super! Thanks.

  6. Ah, yes, the Caftan. They were pretty comfy...I've only had one. And I always thought they were more chic than the mumu! A great take-me-back Nancy! And they do look easy to make.


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