Friday, December 20, 2013

Sequins and Seed Beads and Styrofoam Ornaments

Ten years ago, I came across a magazine article that gave a tutorial on making ornamental holiday balls to use either as gifts, tree ornaments, or to group together in bowls for light reflection. These sequined balls look especially nice with candles placed close to the sequin and beaded balls, because the light plays off the surfaces and gives a soft, glowing effect.

In total, I have made about 20 of these sparkly ornaments, all in different sizes. 


  • Styrofoam balls in various sizes
  • 8 mm sized sequins
  • more clear plastic beads that come in one size at the craft stores, in packs of 100
  • 3/4 inch sequins (silver is preferred)
  • Beads with a hole big enough to fit on the pin and small enough that it won't slide past the head of the pin (size 9)
  • Ribbon, optional for hanging


1) Spray different sized Styrofoam balls with acrylic paint (silver or gold being the preferred color for Christmas, ensuring a base of color which will show behind the sequins);

2) after the paint is not quite dry on the Styrofoam, generously sprinkle silver or translucent glitter on the ball;

3) place a (silver) sequin on the ball, thread a seed bead through a size 9 dressmaker's pin, and then thread on a plastic bead

4) stick the threaded pin onto the sequin, holding all together, almost like a shish-ka-bob

5) repeat so that just a little of the glittery paint peeks between the sequins

Here are a few of the sparkling sequin and bead balls which we display each holiday season

Try making a few, they are fun to put together and will last forever if you carefully pack them away.


  1. they are so pretty love the glow too
    I used to have a few of these..
    maybe I'll try to make some thanks for the instructions(:)
    Merry Christmas!

  2. How lovely Nancy - I imagine a huge glass bowl near candles with these would look very effective.

  3. Ooh, how deliciously sparkly ... what a brilliant idea :)


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